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Forest Stewardship Services

Many of Hilltown Tree & Garden’s clients are homeowners interested in being good stewards to their woodland lots. Whether they want to create and maintain forested paths, repair historic stone walls, create biodiverse wildlife habitat, or nourish old-growth characteristics, we have the knowledge and experience to enhance long-term enjoyment of your forested land.

The first step in the process is to schedule an initial consultation to assess your site and talk about your goals. The next step is to design a management plan. For landowners who prioritize the long-term natural, scenic, or productive value of their land, a forest management plan is essential. We work with the client to come up with a plan that includes findings from our site evaluation as well as our recommendation for best practices to achieve the land owner’s goals.

Finally, we put the plan into action. Our services are diverse and can include anything from goat-scaping, to constructing native bee-hotels, to eradicating invasive species, to creating edible forest gardens, depending on the client’s needs.

Services include:


Forest Stone Wall

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Deer wildlife forest garden stone path


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