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Pruning an Old Apple Tree

Pruning an old apple tree is both an art and science. In this 3 minute video you will see it broken down to 5 steps, in order of importance. You will not kill your tree by pruning it. So watch the video (a few times if need be) then go out there and do it.


Primary – folding saw & hand pruners
Secondary – baldwin ladder, harness, pole saw & chain saw

Esthetics, increase light penetration

Traditionally it has been done from Late Jan-E. June

How Much:
Never more than 1/3 of the tree in any one year

How to:

  1. Remove any vertical branches called water sprouts (favor horizontal branches)
  2. Dead, dying and diseased
  3. Remove crossing or rubbing branches
  4. Remove branches that go into the trees center
  5. Remove all branches below 2 ½’

Apple Tree Photos:

  1. Before – This old apple tree has not been pruned in years. It’s interior is filled with water sprouts.
  2. After – The interior is cleaned out of water sprouts which are of no value to the tree.
  3. Before – Branches are crossing, rubbing and are diseased.
  4. After – A healthy and thinned out apple tree.
  5. The sun sets after a cold day in the orchard. Time for the mulled cider.
Old Apple Tree Not Pruned Years Water Sprouts
Apple Tree Interior Cleaned of Water Sprouts
Branches Crossing Rubbing Diseased
Healthy Thinned Out Apple Tree

Sun Sets Cold Day Orchard Mulled Cider

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