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Recent Articles & Media Coverage

    • Weeds: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly (Daily Hampshire Gazette)
      Not all weeds are created equal. Learn about: the good, the bad & the just plain ugly in an article written about Hilltown Tree & Garden in the Daily Hampshire Gazette last week.
      Read More
    • Some Natural Methods of Weed Suppression (Daily Hampshire Gazette)
      There are many ways to suppress weeds, but some work better then others. Learn about the natural, non chemical way, Jim McSweeney at Hilltown Tree & Garden LLC does it for his clients and at his home/office.
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    • Scientists Seek New Disease Resistant American Elms
      Scientists from The Nature Conservancy have teamed up with Jim McSweeney of Hilltown Tree & Garden and are using small branches from large survivor American elms in a handful of locations throughout New England to try to develop new Dutch elm disease-resistant strains of the stately tree that, decades ago, was among the most prominent in city parks and streets throughout much of the United States. (The Nature Conservancy, CT GreenScene, Boston.com, WWLP,WAMC, Nature.org, GazetteNet.com)
    • Pruning Evergreens in the Winter (Fine Gardening Magazine)
      Fall is the time that people start to think about wreaths and centerpieces to decorate their doors and tables for the holiday season. No matter what zone or kind of landscape in which you live, you will likely find a plethora of choices to decorate any table or door right outside in your own landscape.
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    • Bringing Beauty (and Wildlife!) to Bullitt (The Trustees of Reservations)
      We wanted to extend the spirit of the low-energy, low-maintenance approach of the efficient farmhouse building to the gardens, while also creating food sources for the many birds and butterflies on the property. Of course, we wanted it to look nice, too! We turned to Jim McSweeny, of Hilltown Tree and Garden, for some professional advice. Read More
    • Blog Spotter (Daily Hampshire Gazette)
      Any Hilltown gardener knows that between the rocks — aka boulders — ice storms and hungry critters, the lawns, flowers, trees and shrubs in rural New England take a beating. Read More
    • The Treeman Cometh (The Pioneer Valley News)
      Jim dove into what would become his life’s profession and passion as an arborist, horticulturist and small business owner of Hilltown Tree & Garden, based in Chesterfield. “I didn’t have much to start with,” said Jim. “The business grew incrementally and I took all my bumps early on.” Read More
    • Grow Plenty, Live Well (Preview Massachusetts Magazine)
      Living off the grid on forty acres in Chesterfield, how does Jim McSweeney, owner of Hilltown Tree and Garden, have time to run his landscaping and arbor business? Doesn’t growing food and caring for woodstove hearth and home consume all his time? Read More
    • Goshen Residents Discuss Ice Damage (Daily Hampshire Gazette)
      Goshen residents continued to pick through the damage left by the December ice storm Thursday night, as they heard from a panel of experts on how to deal with the destruction of trees on their property. Read More
  • Fall Pruning Can Add Up To Big Gains In The Spring (Hartford Courant)
    You’ve diligently maintained your garden all summer. You’ve weeded, composted, planted, deadheaded and mulched. Now that fall approaches, all you have to do is a little raking, then enjoy the view from your hammock, right? Read More


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