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Interactive Gardens with Flower Beds at the Steve Kulik Residence

Worthington, MA

This interactive landscape design project was multi-faceted. It required the removal of some large pines to allow the house and gardens to get more sunlight. Then we pruned, cabled, and applied organic fertilizer to a stressed red maple along with other trees. The beds in front of the house needed to be redone and expanded. A shade garden in a deciduous understory was also planted. Hundreds of spring flowering bulbs and three flowering crabapples were installed. Patio and walkway were done by another contractor.

These photographs will only describe the installation of the flower beds on the south side of the house.

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The Kuliks now have a more inviting entrance. Previous to these flower beds being installed
there were only yew bushes, rhododendrons and pacasandra around the foundation.

A view of the now more inviting entrance to the Kulik home, featuring pacasandra, rhododendron, and yew bush.

An attempt was made to keep the garden looking naturalistic and easy to maintain. They succeeded at both.

Here we see a stunning view of how well the wildflowers accentuate the stone walkway from the porch.

A view from the porch shows the actual depth of the bed.
A bed that is almost as deep as the house is high will feel proportionate to the site.

See how the garden is positioned alongside the path to the driveway to give an interactive experience.

Coneflower and Black-eyed Susan are great low maintenance natives for long season color.

The planted coneflower (the flower of the popular Echinacea) and Black-eyed Susan stretch out towards the front yard’s sun.

By having this Goshen Stone pathway bisect the garden, it creates a more active experience of the plants.

Flagstone excavated locally in Goshen, MA was laid to create this impressive walkway.

This Goshen Stone patio, which we didn’t place, is perfectly situated.
You get the dappled shade from the red maple while enjoying a view of the woodland wildflowers.

This Goshen flagstone patio set in the rear shade of the house is perfect for taking in the summer weather with friends or family.

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