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Native Tall Grass Wildflower Meadow

Amherst, MA

This Amherst, MA client wanted a landscape that was indigenous to their natural surroundings and that attracted insects like butterflies or bees, birds like hummingbirds or sparrows, and even small mammals local to the area. This led us towards concepting a design that drew in the range of wild flora native to Massachusetts into a native tall grass wildflower meadow.

Following a site and soil analysis, we custom-blended a native Massachusetts seed mix that was 60% wildflower and 40% tall grass mix. Previous to this, the site was stripped out and compacted due to the house’s construction. With the addition of compost, we increased the fertility of the site. This seed mix was custom blended to give four season interest, attract wildlife, and be self-sustaining. This meadow will morph over the first few years then reach a point of homeostasis.

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A monarch butterfly finds refuge on an annual bachelor button.

Butterfly Flower Wildflower Meadow Design

Morning time in the meadow.

Organic Meadow Morning Flower Design

The black-eye-susans are the dominate species early in the summer of the second year.

Flowers Meadow Native Organic Landscape

The meadow is full of life and diversity.

Landscape Design Meadow Flower tall Grass

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