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What some people have had to say about Jim’s work:

Organic Perennials Trees Shrubs and Gardening

“We are pleased with the knowledge based gardening services that have been the hallmark of Hilltown Tree and Garden for several years now. Rain or shine dependability and responsiveness to both garden needs and client wishes is something we have grown to count upon.”

Walter Cudnohufsky, Landscape Architect, Ashfield, MA

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Flowers Organic Horticulture Landscape Design

“As we began our landscape project from scratch, Jim was both a great listener and highly knowledgeable about plant and landscape design choices. He is a thoughtful expert who cares about both the small details and the big picture, and we are pleased with the results and the quality of work by Jim and his crew. His skills as an arborist and attention to our existing trees complemented the landscape in ways that we had not expected.”

Stephen and Suzanne Kulik, MA State Representative, Worthington, MA

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Flagstone Patio landscape Design

“The best decision I made was to give Jim McSweeney a free hand in designing low-maintenance gardens for me. His vast knowledge of plants and careful work with his crew resulted in a landscape exceeding my wildest dreams.”

Pat Coon, Florence (Northampton), MA

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Perennial Garden Organic Horticulture

“Every year as reliable as the coming of spring, the crew from Hilltown Tree and Garden arrive and transform the beds and garden around my house into a showplace. His skills and eye as a landscape designer have greatly helped beautify the property.”

Chuck Meyers, Shelburne Falls, MA

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Birch Tree Ice Prune Damage Arborist

“I was heartsick when I saw what the ice storm had done to the beautiful old birch tree in our front yard. Jim assured me it would be fine and now it is hard to tell that the tree suffered any damage at all. Thanks to Jim and his hardworking crew.”

Melanie Dana, Goshen, MA

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Native Tall Grass Wildflower Meadow

“Mary and I wanted to thank you so very much for your work. The planning, placement, and your choice of specimen and the quality of the trees and shrubs you chose are so very beautiful. Thank you. We especially appreciate your understanding of both the art and science of plant life and landscaping and your sensitivity to the surrounding landscape. It was very helpful in helping us work out what we wanted and how best to achieve it. We are looking forward to working with you in the coming years to help us design, maintain, and further evolve our landscape.”

Mary Bull and Peter Seterdahl, Amherst, MA

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Shrubs Organic Landscape Gardening Horticulture

“Jim – the gardens have looked really wonderful this season. Elizabeth and I have been in Worthington the last three weekends and we have really enjoyed wandering around the gardens with guests who have all remarked on the beautiful shrubs and flowers. I do try, almost all the time, to give appropriate credit to Jim McSweeney and Hilltown Tree and Garden. I make a special effort if they are local folks who might also need garden maintenance. The new landscape design…”

Bob Owens, Worthington, MA

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Organic Cottage Garden Landscape Design

“Jim McSweeney and his competent and knowledgeable staff have been redesigning and maintaining our garden for the past five years. We are and have been delighted with the results of his efforts. The garden, replete with perennials, is a visual delight. We unqualifiedly recommend Hilltown Tree and Garden to provide for any plant lover’s landscaping and maintenance needs.”

Aili Clapp and Family, Conway, MA

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Landscape Design Stone Walkway

“We thought a long time before we chose the landscape contractor to do a much needed walkway and flower beds in the front of our home. Several things were very important to us. We wanted someone who shared our love of the natural world. We wanted someone local who understood that the weather is different in the Hilltowns. We wanted native plants for the beds and local stone for the walkway.

We wanted to be good to the earth. It was important to us that whoever did the job leave a distinctive and timeless mark on the work. We found all of this and more when we chose Jim McSweeny from Hilltown Tree and Garden. We could not be more pleased! We’re thrilled that he followed our vision and his own as well. He spent lots of time explaining the perennials that would work and that are eco-friendly and how to care for them. The completed job is an absolute pleasure and so beautiful. We are happy, the birds and butterflies are happy and the landscape is happy! We are already looking forward to next year’s project with Jim and his team.

Truly every time I look at the front of the house I think I am dreaming. The walk way “anchors” the house and makes it seem more permanent. I cannot thank you enough. And….as I requested….I do see you in the finished work and it always makes me smile! Just as I wished. I know that the walk way will out live Ray and I and the next family to move in will find endless joy in your work as well.”

Ray and Krislyn T. Lequin, Chesterfield, MA

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Organic Vegetable Garden Fruit Landscape

“Jim McSweeney and Hilltown Tree and Garden were a joy to work with. Jim is extremely knowledgeable and is exceptionally generous with his knowledge and expertise. He and his staff are always professional and reliable, doing things with no short cuts, on time and on budget. The landscape design, the trees, the flowers, the vegetable garden are all fantastic. He transformed my yard from a weed patch to a gorgeous country garden!”

Mary Patierno, Ashfield, MA

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Perennials Trees Stone Walkway House

“The gardens look great! I just wish I could get him to stop planting flowers and come in to do the dishes. The other day…”

Lisa McSweeney, Chesterfield, MA

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Lupine Cottage Garden Perennial Ornamental Grass Native Organic

“Jim, the gardens and landscape are gorgeous. They have grown much more than we expected in the one year since planting, and have filled in beautifully. They are perfectly placed and designed. The clusters of flower plantings create a stunning visual flow. Your maintenance crew has done a good job of keeping all the plants healthy and well tended, and work unobtrusively. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks again for all your good work.”

Paul Strasburg, Worthington, MA

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Trees Maple Shrubs Native Plants Wildlife

“After talking with Jim for just a short time, we knew that he was the one we wanted to produce our dream garden and design our landscape in the Hilltowns. Jim is very well educated, has a fine eye for detail and can easily see the ‘big picture’ which he so clearly & passionately conveys. He has great patience explaining what each plant will do throughout its life and has an excitement about work that is contagious. We conveyed our ideal garden to him, one filled with wildflowers to attract our feathered friends. We gave him the artistic freedom to create and he delivered! He and his talented, friendly team installed our personally designed garden that suits us and our property perfectly. We are pleased beyond our dreams. A sincere thank you to Jim and his team at Hilltown Tree and Garden.”

P. S.: Cedar Waxwings and Purple Finches are loving the Serviceberry trees!

Mark and Diane Bevan, Cummington, MA

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Patio Perennial Gardens Design Trees Flowers

“We contacted Jim because we had known of his work from a number of our friends. He had done a range of projects for them (designs, hardscaping, tree care, perennial cottage gardens, etc…) and they all raved about his work. Now our job is completed and I am please to say that he and his crew exceeded the lofty expectations we had. They were professional, thoughtful, on time and under budget! We highly recommend them!”

Debra & Robert Truncellito, Northampton, MA

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Stone Path Perennials Barn Hot Tub Trees

“I have worked with Jim McSweeney and his team at Hilltown Tree & Garden for two years on two substantial landscaping projects. Jim possesses a rare combination of encyclopedic knowledge of the world of plants, trees and landscaping and a wonderful aesthetic sense and a terrific eye. His work ethic is outstanding. He is reliable and delivers exactly what he promises. I recommend him without reservation.”

Maxine Fass, Becket, MA & New York, NY

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Stone Wall Native Plants Perennials Flowers Trees

“We hired Jim and his crew to redesign our existing gardens and to prune our trees. We have found his competence, reliability, and knowledge of horticulture excellent. We especially like that he was conscious of our budget. We have been pleased with the work he has done and look forward to working with him in the future.”

David Keilson, Chesterfield, MA

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Berkshire Botanical Garden

“Hello everyone,

Thank you to all of you for a wonderful Arborists’ Day yesterday. The sun was shining, the sawdust was flying, camaraderie was in the air and an exceptional amount of great tree work was carried out. Thank you for your generosity towards the Berkshire Botanical Garden. It is friends like you that keep us going.

Best wishes,”

Dorthe, Stockbridge, Ma

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Meadow Garden Patio Orchard Tree Care Thumb

“Thanks for all your hard work. Jim-we love the results so far and look forward to the upcoming wildflower meadow.”

Heather and Peter Zine, Wareham (Cape Cod), Ma

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Mature Tree Preservation

“Hi Jim!

Here is the testimonial, which we are delighted to provide.

We recently moved to property in Ashfield that features part of an antique apple orchard. Some of the apple trees are over a hundred years old, and had not been tended for quite some time. Still other areas of the property had become choked with growth. We called Hilltown Tree and Garden, and met with Jim McSweeney. We learned a great deal about our trees and property from Jim. He gave us a very thorough assessment of the condition of our trees, provided much helpful advice on caring for the property and all of the various plantings. He also worked with us to prioritize and craft a plan of work to be done in stages.

Jim completed much work for us in a timely, cost effective manner. We are very impressed with his knowledge, his professionalism, and importantly, the sculptural eye he brings to all he does. Jim was able to strengthen trees we were certain we might lose. Jim undertook preventative work with some significant trees that exhibited high vulnerability for future damage, and educated us on how to assess this ourselves. Jim also helped to determine which of the more haphazard specimens required removal to insure the well being of others. Importantly, Jim enhanced the beauty of our trees and property with his fine eye for detail, well-being and structure. Jim is a talented, knowledgeable individual who clearly loves what he does and takes pride in his work! He is also prompt, reliable, methodical and a superior business person.

We are very glad we called Hilltown Tree and Garden!”

Ben and Jennie Markens, Ashfield, Ma

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Hilltown Country Garden Style

“Thank you for all the work you did this year in our landscape. The trees, flowers and stonewall looks great. Looking forward to next spring!”

Benita Holly, Ashfield, MA

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Cone Flower Echinacea wildflower meadow

“Jim . . . I’ve been gathering my thoughts and memories of all the planning and work done on my land by you and your highly skilled team of Hilltown Tree and Garden . . . you all get a gold star . . . 24 karat.

Being the 60 year old woman I am and a homeowner in lovely Conway . . . my wish for a wildflower meadow instead of a lawn is becoming a reality . . . my wish to grow vegetables in raised beds and have a few berry bushes is happening . . . my wish to have a vista has opened and I breathe easier . . . my wish for a perennial garden is taking beautiful shape and for all this I most graciously thank you, Jim McSweeney.

I want to add . . . having gone through cancer treatment, twice around . . . I feel a happiness that I haven’t felt in a long while . . . and I feel it when I’m watering all the plants and bushes and seeds that you planted . . . as well as the sprouting seeds that I planted in the beautiful raised beds filled with lovely compost. You have shaped my land into a place of beauty, relaxation and healing . . . not only for myself and other people . . . but for nature too.


Deborah Maia, Conway, MA

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Weeping Japanese Maple Pruned Branches

“Jim- the trees, as usual, are looking great. Thank you!”

Richard & Joanne Hinkley, Northampton (Leeds), MA

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Stone Steps Patio Landscape

“Hi Jim,
The patio looks great! We can not wait to get going on the new perennial bed. Also, we both really enjoyed working with you and your crew.

What a great bunch of guys! See ya soon.


Patty & Tim Crane, Windsor, MA

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Wildflower Meadow Birch Patio Stone

“We wanted to revitalize a hillside lawn, returning it to a wildflower meadow and native wildlife habitat. Jim advised us on how best to proceed, from design to timeframes to project costs, and was always available and responsive as the project proceeded. His crew was great to work with. We enjoy the spectacular new landscape, filled with birds, bees and butterflies and wonderful color.”

Matt & Tina White,
Northampton (Florence), MA

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Goshen Stone walkway is flanked by trees, flowers and shrubs.

“Hilltown Tree and Garden, under Jim Mcsweeney’scollaborative guidance transformed my over-grown vegetable garden, which had become a poison ivy swamp and knotweed forest, into my serene and beautiful walking garden. We are now working on the shadier shoulder areas to the garden. Jim’s expertise is evident in hardscape design and the seemingly endless list of plants he knows about from which I am free to choose my favorites. He closely watches the garden’s progress with me. Whenever I look out on the winter garden or sit in it the other three seasons, I am grateful to have chosen such a competent team and such a kind, collaborative partner in my large garden adventure.”

Leslie Nyman,
Amherst, MA

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Honey bees returned to home.

“I had a hive swarm the other day—chose to land high up in a frail pine tree—not accessible to any ladder. I called several people to see if they thought it might be possible to recover this swarm. Jim came over a half hour after I called and with incredible skill was able to access the branch, cut it, and lower the swarm back into the box. Thanks to his kindness and ingenuity I have a great hive of bees back and settled.”!”

Lucy Leete, Ashfield, MA

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Drone rescue.


“Drone rescue! Who else would you call but an arborist? Jim did a great job retrieving our drone that crashed into a white pine 83 feet above the ground.”

Rick King, Chesterfield, MA

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“Dear Spring Festival Sponsor: Jim,

Our heartfelt thanks for your generous financial support of the seventh annual Hilltown Spring Festival…


Seth Isman,
Economic Development Director
Hilltown CDC

“Dear Jim,

On Behalf of our family volunteers and members of the Hilltown Families Community Service Committee, thank you for your generous support of the Hilltown Families’ Family Community Service Event as a premium event sponsor and a station sponsor. Because of…


Sienna Wildfield,
Executive Director

“The Western Massachusetts Master Gardener Association would like to take the opportunity to thank you. Chris told me you refused the honorarium for your speaking and asked that it be put to good use. It will be used to provide a scholarship for the next Master Gardener Training class…

Thank You

Toi Graham,

“Dear LOVE NOTES donor,

On behalf of the entire Amherst Club, as well as it donation recipients, I would like to express heartfelt appreciation for your contribution this year. The charities in the Amherst area…


Hubbard Smith,
Amherst Club President

“My wife and I recently acquired a wooded area adjacent to our house that had been neglected for over 30 years. In the October 30, 2011 snowstorm, a tree fell crushing our child’s play structure and perilously close to our house. Every time there was wind we worried a tree would come crashing down onto our house as there were some huge soft wooded trees growing in very damp soil. We had about ?? trees in all to access and got quotes from three tree companies that came highly recommended to us by neighbors. All three came – looked briefly, said they would take the trees down and gave us quotes in the thousands of dollars.

I was not satisfied with the quotes as they seemed barely thought out. There was no concern for wildlife or thought about long term land management. Jim McSweeney and Hilltown were recommended so I decided to give them a try. I admit I was reticent since there would be a consulting fee that I would only get back if we proceeded with the work but decided to take the risk.

The bottom line is that Jim spent hours with us educating us about our land, trees and helping us make a plan that would honor native plants and enhance habitat for wildlife. He was willing to instruct us on how to keep our cost down significantly by doing some minimal vine cutting ourselves and charging a nominal fee to cut the wood into lengths that would allow us to give it away. One of the best aspects of working with Jim (in addition to the tremendous wealth of knowledge he shared) is that he is non-judgmental. He is willing to share his opinions yet was completely open to our decisions and he is positive and reassuring.

During our initial consult on a spectacular early summer day, Jim used his pruner to make a “perfect climbing tree” for our three year old while they had an in depth conversation about bugs and rocks and, of course, trees. The Hilltown crew also delivered wood we were planning on Freecycling (to save money) to an elderly neighbor instead. After the work was done, Jim patiently endured multiple emails consulting with us to find a fast growing salt and disease resistant etc. replacement tree for the front of our house. I look forward to Hilltown coming back to plant our new tree in the spring. I know it will be healthy, and put in the exact right place at the exact right depth.

The cost of services ended up being far less than any of the three quotes we got at first, the work was thoughtfully planned and carefully, safely and professionally done.I received a certificate of insurance without asking for it. We had a wonderful experience and now have a management plan we can work on ourselves. I can not imagine anyone being more competent, knowledgeable or professional. A partnership between our family and Hilltown tree has evolved based on our shared interest on what is best for our land and our families’ safety and for that I am thankful.

Thank you Jim McSweeny and crew! We feel very lucky to have you as a resource.”

Jen Gallant & Nancy Doby,
Northampton (Florence), MA

“We were very happy with all the work that Jim and his crew did. After the October storm, our lot needed a great deal of help. Hilltown not only dealt with the obvious tree damage, but went on to transform the transition between our yard and the surrounding forest–creating great future potential for many more trees to grow to their full potential. We bought the house with a small flagstone walk. Hilltown, using the Goshen stone, created a welcoming, wide walk from the drive to the front door…we can’t wait to have them design the garden plantings on either side! All their work was done as Jim predicted–even ahead of time!”

Jeff Cox,
Belchertown, MA

“John and I just walked around our new garden and we are delighted. It will be such fun to watch it develop. Can’t thank you, Tom, Peter, Luke and Matt enough. Your imagination, knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm are more than evident in the work you did for us – the testimonials are well deserved. And it was a real pleasure to have all of you around.

We’ll look forward to your monitoring and won’t hesitate to seek your advice.
Please give our regards to all.

Thank you again, Jim.”

Judy & John Dolven,
Goshen, MA

“Thanks so very much to Jim, and Peter, Tom and Luke for the excellent tree work. Ours is an old house and mature landscape. I’ve always done the work here and, having worked as an arborist when younger, still climb and prune, but the old Tulip Tree, hit by lightning 20 years ago and grown into an interesting shape, needed help that is beyond me. Jim and crew pruned and then cabled, and it looks great. I’ve looked at the tree every day for 26 years and am now very happy about its look and prospects to outlive me by decades. Ol’ Grandad the sugar maple in front of the house got a pruning and a cable. It’s the one tree I’ve never climbed, sticking to the pact I made with it long ago to leave it in peace if it missed the house when it dropped big branches. Now the tree and I more easily may stick to the pact. Jim and the crew are on a high level, a pleasure to have work on beloved trees, and left the yard cleaner than they found it. Thanks a million!”

Rob and Peg Ferguson,
Ashfield, MA

“Dear Hilltown Tree & Garden,

Special thanks for your generous support of our 2011 parade. Your contribution…”

Chesterfield July 4th Parade Committee

“Dear Hilltown Tree & Garden,

On behalf of the Mass Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Thank you for your donation of $250 on September 2, 2011, in support of our mission…”

Corie Hoffberger,
Campaign Director

“Dear Mr. McSweeney,

On Behalf of the volunteers and staff at The Trustees of Reservations, it is my pleasure to thank Hilltown Tree & Garden for the in-kind donation of over $2,600 worth of landscape design and installation services. This was in support of Bullitt Reservations sustainable landscape project. We are deeply grateful for you generosity and thoughtful support. The landscape…”

Kate Saunders,
Vice President, Advancement
The Trustees of Reservations

Jim- I really appreciate the prompt cleanup of my trees after the October snowstorm. It certainly is much safer around here. The trees look great now. Have a good holiday.

Pat Coon,
Northampton (Florence) MA

“The yard & trees looks great! I don’t have to feel bad every time I look out there anymore because of the storm damage. Thanks for all your hard work. You all must be exhausted by all the work there is ahead.”

Lorraine Langione,
Northampton (Florence) MA

“Hi Jim, 

Thanks again for your quick response to our request to evaluate tree damage from the storm just before Halloween. We were worried that some hanging branches & trees would fall on us or our neighbors, and you agreed that prompt action was needed. Your crew showed up the next morning and worked steadily for long hours–they showed remarkable teamwork over the next few days in pruning branches and removing trees smoothly in a narrow area between houses.


Lorraine Langione,
Northampton (Florence) MA

“Dear Jim, 

On behalf of the Williamsburg Board of Library Trustees and the people of Williamsburg, I want to thank you for the wonderful work you did for us here at the Meekins Library. We appreciated your careful planning for the job, and the time you took to work with Nick Dines, a volunteer, who is in charge of the new greenway, fence and planting along the Mill River Brook where our dying maple tree was located.

Because the tree was close to our new fence, as well as very close to a public way, you took the tree down at the safest possible time, also posting the area. You protected our new fence, and for that we are very grateful. The work area was cleaned immediately! It is always a pleasure to work with you.

Thank you again Jim for your public mindedness and your generosity to the library in Williamsburg. We count very heavily on the generosity people like you to make the public building and the grounds safe and usable for the community.

Warmest Regards,”

Lisa Wenner,
Library Director
Williamsburg Libraries~Meekins & Haydenville~
Williamsburg, MA 01096

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“Dear Jim,

Thank you again for your generous donation for the Forbes Library Garden Tour. The raffle winner will be calling you soon. She is very excited! Thanks again.”

Kari S. Knapp,
Chair-Garden Tour Committee
Friends of Forbes Library
Northampton, MA

“Jim – Thanks for the great work you and your team did landscaping and transforming the front of my house.”

Rich McClure,
Easthampton, Ma

“And thanks Jim as I have a few friends who, like me, have recently become homeowners. If any of them need a great horticulturists/arborist, I will enthusiastically recommend you.”

Kate Wellspring,
Northampton, Ma

“Dear Mr. McSweeney,

I am writing to express our deep appreciation for your extremely generous donation of a 2 hour landscape design consolation to the Friends of the Williamsburg Library’s Swing Into Spring fundraiser. Yours was our most valuable prize and it generated a lot of activity for the raffle table. Thanks to the support of business like yours the event was a huge success.


Jennifer Miller Anthill,
(Friends of the Williamsburg Library)
Ashfield, Ma

“Dear Jim,

Thank you so much for your participation in the ninth West Cummington Church auction. Because of generosity of people like you the auction raised over $13,000. We especially appreciate you support in this difficult year. We depend on people like you…”

Stephen Philbrick,
Cummington, Ma

“Jim, thanks so much the trees look happy!”

Nancy Greenfield,
Northampton (Leeds), Ma

“Thank you so much for your generous raffle donation of a 2 hour garden consult to the Forbes Library Garden Tour. We had a lot of people getting tickets for you! Have a great summer!”

Kari S. Knapp,
Northampton, (Forbes Library), Ma

“Our experience working with Jim McSweeney was terrific. From the initial consultation, through to the final installation – he was a true professional. With his extensive knowledge of plants, along with his enthusiasm for for developing a garden that would suit our needs- the end result was just what we hoped for.”


Patty Gorman-Bishop,
Northampton (Florence), Ma

“…it’s really LOVELY Jim! You are indeed a man of vision.”


Krislyn Lequin,
Chesterfield, Ma

“The trees are looking great. Jim and the crew was knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks again.”

Todd & Janet Lynch,
Williamsburg, Ma

“Thanks for the good work the trees look great!”

Dr. Robert Gardiner,
Buckland, MA

“Thanks Jim! Things look great!”

Anne Morehouse,
Northampton (Leeds), MA

“We live in the middle of a forest with many large , loved trees within 30 ft of our home. I think there were nearly 30 trees that needed professional care & that is what they got from Jim & his crew. Everything was done exactly as we discussed & i never worried about the work, even when we could not be home. Not only did he suggest work but explained why it needed to be done in a way that I could understand & appreciate.”

Joan & Cal Clark Jr,
Ashfield, MA

“We found HT&G a pleasure to work with. They were prompt, pleasant, and very knowledgeable about local plants and growing conditions. Our job was fairly small, but they gave it their full attention. We would definitely use them again.”

David Pritchard & Ellen Wittlinger,
Williamsburg, MA

“The trees look so much happier…thanks so much.”

Margery Shaw,
Huntington, MA

“Hilltown Tree and Garden have gotten our Pioneer Valley property off to a fine start. We engaged Jim at the beginning of 2008 to get our woods and trees in shape. We were immediately impressed by his eye for the proportions of the landscape, which immediately looked much better-proportioned after he had finished selectively thinning trees and shoring up some beloved old maple trees. We then asked him to renovate our perennial gardens and install an orchard and vegetable beds. After a couple of months, the results are already impressive. Jim was most responsive to our ideas and preferences about plantings, and we are sure that his use of native and woodland perennials will give us a landscape that combines ease of maintenance with long-term beauty. I would unhesitatingly recommend Jim and his crew to anyone wanting a garden perfectly adapted to the rigors of our local climate in the Hilltowns.”

David Shapero,
Shelburne Falls, MA

“As a property manager of estates in Northampton and Lenox, Massachusetts, I need to work with the best. I have worked with Jim and his staff for 5 years now on over a dozen projects both large and small. I have found him to be one of the most competent, reliable, and knowledgeable contractors that I have dealt with in the twenty plus years of doing this.”

T. Fisher,
Northampton, MA

“We were very pleased with the trees you have put in for us this spring. But more especially with the quality of your installation. We are delighted…”

Dick and Jerrilee Cain,
Worthington, MA

“Jim– What a difference! The place looks great! Thanks for all your hard work.”

Bill Lemberg,
Middlefield, MA

“Jerry and I want to let you know how pleased we are with the tree and landscape work you did for us. All the pruning looks amazing. Your thoughtfulness at addressing each and every tree on our property is much appreciated. We think your thoughtfulness along with your knowledge of trees and landscapes added up to a great result. Now that the fruit trees have leafed out they look terrific. The Norway Spruce looks fabulous as does the ornamental Juniper at the corner of the house.

Looking forward to working with you this fall.”

Dolly and Jerry Jolly,
Amherst, MA

“Jim, Thanks so much for everything. What a great job you all did. The place looks so beautiful and the apple trees have never looked better! Next year the landscape…”

Bea Heinrichs,
Granville, MA

“I was pleased with the work Jim McSweeney and his crew did. Jim is very knowledgable, professional and is clear in explaining what he thinks should be done and why. The landscape…”

Connie Kindahl,
Amherst, MA

“Dear Jim,

It all looks great, thanks! We had a wonderful day for the big picnic, and several people commented on how beautiful the place looked.

Barbara Partee,
Amherst, MA

We had a lot of brush and shrub work that had piled up for several years, as well as a maple that had grown too big for comfort. Jim and his crew came in and cleaned up with professional speed and competence. It was a pleasure doing business with them, and I highly recommend them.”

Bill Fivel
Goshen, Mass


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