Natural or “Organic” Techniques to Control Pests

Interested in learning how to apply natural or “organic” techniques to control a variety of pests of edible and ornamental plants, including diseases, insects, rodents, deer, and weeds. Find out which methods do and don’t work in the home orchard, and ornamental and vegetable gardens. Feel free to bring sample pests and lots of questions. Leave the workshop with information on how to protect your landscape from unwanted herbivores, using the most environmentally sensitive and effective products available. This hands-on workshop will take place at Jim’s home/office where he has many edible and ornamental plants to evaluate. Portfolio

For more information visit the New England Wildflower Society website.

Natural Pest Control
Saturday, July 12,
11:00 am-1:00 pm Chesterfield, MA
Course Code: HOR3404
Leader: Jim McSweeney,
Arborist and Horticulturalist Fee: $26 (Member)
/ $32 (Nonmember)
Limit: 20

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