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Perennial Garden Maintenance

Perennial Gardens

Most of Hilltown Tree & Garden’s clients are homeowners interested in the preservation or restoration of their existing gardens. Others would like to renovate their landscape with a newly designed perennial garden using native flora or with flowers to attract pollinating insects like butterflies and bees. During the initial consultation, Jim, a certified arborist & certified horticulturist, meets with the owner and evaluates the property. They examine and address issues of sun and shade, moisture and precipitation, soil condition, and other details that inform plant selection for the home’s specific climatic environment.

From there they establish priorities and determine the amount of hours per week that will be needed to meet all the objectives.


Hilltown Tree & Garden provides a wide range of maintenance services that are carried out with over 100 years of accumulated landscape maintenance experience. These horticulturists come to a property on a weekly or every other week basis.





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