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Natural Pest Control in the Landscape


This Sat. I will be giving a workshop at my place in Chesterfield on “Natural Pest Control” sponsored by the New England Wildflower Society. (see link above for sign ups) 5 spots left. My 2 decades of controlling pests naturally while growing dozens of fruits, vegetables, herbs & flowers we be talked about. Specifically we will cover: lawn mowers that run only on grass, The “Rodent-Be-Gone 5000” & how to convert Japanese beetles into duck eggs for fun & profit, and much much more. (such as what to do when your lawn mower has a temper tantrum)

The Garden Plot: Woodland Gardens Grow Multidisciplinary Learning

I just published an article on how to create & maintain a native woodland shade garden. Enjoy.

The Garden Plot: Woodland Gardens Grow Multidisciplinary Learning


Entomology: Lessons from the Garden


Recently back from a conference in Boston. One of the more interesting talks was on how climate change will affect pests that affect our landscape and food supply.

5 late winter garden tips


For those who want to consume less industrial food, why not grow your own? Last year at this time I wrote and article about what you can do now to plan your vegetable garden, orchard, greenhouse, etc.. Lets take control of our food supply.


Off to the Amazon

I will be heading down on Friday for 15 days.  Crossing Guyana into Brazil.  Will make a study of the flora.  If i can send photos I will.  Cheers.

Practical Permaculture

I am thinking of doing a workshop for the first time called Practical Permaculture. “Practical” might be the key word in the title. As the workshop will be based off of 2 decades of reading and observing others techniques in 20 plus developing countries. But most importantly, in running a micro farm here in Chesterfield, the foothills of the Berkshires, for almost 20 years. This workshop will be a 1/2 day and will likely take place this summer. Cost will be $15 per person. I will focus on:
animal husbandry, sustainable fruits, vegetable & herbs, preserving the harvest, road kill (fun for the whole family!), harnessing solar power and a few other relevant topics.
Soon I will develop an outline, date & time, etc..
If possibly interested let me know as I will limit the workshop to 25.
Revolution begins with the fork!


Tree care basics workshop

Just posted a new project from the home/office. Hardscaping and vegetable gardens. Cheers.


Tree Care Basics

Saturday, May 10,
11:00 am-1:00 pm Chesterfield, MA
Course Code: HOR3010
Leader: Jim McSweeney, Arborist and Horticulturalist Fee: $26 (Member)
/ $32 (Nonmember)
Limit: 20

Tree Care Basics


I will be running a new workshop on tree care basics. I will demonstrate arboricultural basics based on almost two decades of working with trees & shrubs. Separating the fluff from the facts, I will cover site evaluation, plant selection, planting techniques, watering, mulching, pruning, natural pest control and more. This workshop will take place at my home/office where I have dozens of edible and ornamental trees that have been planted in the last ten years. All participants will receive a copy of the guide “Tree Owner’s Manual” by the USDA, which covers all the topics we will talk about and more.

For more information visit the New England Wildflower Society website.

Natural or “Organic” Techniques to Control Pests

Interested in learning how to apply natural or “organic” techniques to control a variety of pests of edible and ornamental plants, including diseases, insects, rodents, deer, and weeds. Find out which methods do and don’t work in the home orchard, and ornamental and vegetable gardens. Feel free to bring sample pests and lots of questions. Leave the workshop with information on how to protect your landscape from unwanted herbivores, using the most environmentally sensitive and effective products available. This hands-on workshop will take place at Jim’s home/office where he has many edible and ornamental plants to evaluate. Portfolio

For more information visit the New England Wildflower Society website.

Natural Pest Control
Saturday, July 12,
11:00 am-1:00 pm Chesterfield, MA
Course Code: HOR3404
Leader: Jim McSweeney,
Arborist and Horticulturalist Fee: $26 (Member)
/ $32 (Nonmember)
Limit: 20


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