Sample Design Contract

Bloom Times and Plant List

Spring blooming- Bleeding Heart, Columbine, Anemone, Hellebores, Tiarella, and Woodland Wildflowers.

Summer- Goat’s Beard, Heuchera, Epimedium, Ferns, Filipendula, Lamium, Woodland Phlox, Sedge Grass, Rodgersia, Baptisia, Lupine, Herbs, Coneflower.

Fall- Snakeroot, Native Asters, Ornamental Tall Grasses.

Spring- White Flowering Dogwood.
Shade Trees – Sugar Maple

Material List

Plants (trees & perennials) compost, topsoil, 1/8″steel edging, woven landscape fabric, gravel, dark hemlock mulch, 5-4-8 organic fertilizer, Goshen Stone (steps, flagging and wall stone), washed gravel, and mulch.


The work will be done in three phases.

1st) Summer 2008- Courtyard and path
All the brick, sand and railroad timbers will be removed. The sand will be removed up to a maximum depth of 9″ and will be disposed of offsite. Topsoil, compost, low growing perennials and mulch will be added on each side of the walkway. The existing perennial gardens in the courtyard will be weeded, organically fertilized, planted and mulched. A Goshen Stone pathway will run from the courtyard to the back steps. Along this path will be Goshen Stone steps and 1 rebuilt retaining wall. The existing brick patio will be removed along with the sand. Soil will be added along with perennials. The existing fire pit will be removed and seeded. Existing gravel path in front of house will be top-dressed.
Cost to complete $.__________

2nd) Spring 2009- Backyard
Install pond and landscape the area with native perennials and shrubs. Remove dead tree and replant with a white flowering dogwood. Reduce line of woodlands edge 8′ at the point. Plant perennials in forested understory (140 sq. ft.). Remove sick crabapple.
Cost to complete $.__________

3rd) Late Winter & Spring 2010-Front yard
Install perennial beds around front gate (303 sq. ft.), along side of driveway (505 sq. ft.) and along road (337 sq. ft.). Plant dogwood to replace Lilac. Prune and fertilize 7 Oaks and 1 Red Maple in front of house, Rebuild retaining wall and clean up woodlands edge.
Cost to complete $.__________

Specifications For Patio, Stonewall, Steps, and Path

Patio-12′ x 14′ and will be built with 3-5 & 6-9 sq. ft. Goshen flagstone. It will be installed on a gravel with a minimum depth of 12″. The patio will also have a Goshen wall stone retaining wall set on the same foundation

Steps- Goshen Stone steps will be used and will be set on a gravel foundation.

Retaining Wall- in front of the house the wall will be rebuilt using the same wall stones. There will be a gravel foundation installed with a minimum depth of 12″. For backfill, washed gravel will be used and will be separated from the existing soil with woven landscape fabric. In back along the path the retaining wall will be rebuilt using the same stones.

Path- washed gray gravel will be used. The depth will be approx. 3″ and it will be 2 1/2′ in width and have woven landscape fabric underneath it and ¼” steel edging bordering it.

General Terms & Conditions

Certificates of Liability Insurance and Workman’s Comp. to be issued prior to work beginning.

Minor substitutions or alterations to plants and/or design can be made at Hilltown Tree & Garden’s discretion.

Lawn damaged incidentally will be reseeded.

All organic material will be disposed of on site, such as sod, stones, etc…

Plants installed will be replaced if they die within one year of installation providing that Hilltown Tree And Garden is under contract to maintain the plants. This warranty does not cover “acts of god” including but not limited to rodent, wind and snow damage, etc…

All shrubs will be in __________ gallon containers with approximate height of ____ feet.

All single stem trees will be __________ inches in trunk diameter.

All multi stem trees will be __________ feet in height.

All conifers will be __________ feet in height.

All tree root balls will be __________ inches in diameter.

All perennials will be in __________ containers.

Planting and pruning techniques will be in accordance with Industry Standards (A300).

Safety will be in accordance with Industry Standards (Z133).

Payment schedule is as follows:

__________ due at time of contract.

__________ due 30 days prior to work beginning.

__________ due when job is 1/2 done as determined by Hilltown T & G.

__________ due upon completion or finance charges apply.

Cost of Job $ __________


Proposal Accepted by __________________________ Date__________