Cottage Garden Restoration Work

Conway, MA

For this intimate redesign project, we worked closely with the Conway client, an avid gardener herself, to restore the cottage garden as she had originally designed and installed it 50 years prior. We sought to enhance the original design and layout with perennial and ornamental flower plantings to preserve the quintessential cottage garden.

As the owner got older, her ability to maintain what she had created and tended to declined. The gardens had deteriorated to a state of being 80% weeds and 20% ornamentals. We were then consulted about redesigning and maintaining the gardens. With a systematic approach, and plenty of compost, the gardens have returned to their former glory, much to the delight of the owner. These pictures were taken two and a half years after the restoration.


This is the garden after the restoration was complete.
Here is the Conway, MA cottage garden fully restored to look as it did nearly 50 years before.


Lupines and daylilies are an excellent choice for any garden like this one which has no access to water.
Without any access to a readily available water source, lupines and daylilies like these are ideal.


The barn and saucer magnolia provide the perfect backdrop to this cottage garden.
Barn and saucer magnolia are an incredibly simple way to compliment a cottage garden like this from the rear.


Notice the appropriate juxtaposing of foliage.The effect of a cottage garden like the one pictured relies entirely on the interplay between the variety of flowers and shrubs used.

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