Drone Rescue Mission

Chesterfield, MA, Bryant St.

A client called me with a strange request…”Save my drone, please.” It turned out Rick and Peter were planning to move from Boston and would be retiring soon. They were scoping out a piece of property to build their dream home and wanted to get a bird’s eye view of the topography. All was going smoothly until their drone crashed into a white pine 83’ off the ground…


Here’s the footage the drone took during its suicide attempt:

video credit: Rick King


Jim ascended the white pine using single-rope technique (SRT). Single-rope technique provides maximum efficiency when climbing a tree of this size.
SRT ascending white pine for drone rescue


Luckily, Jim was able to launch his line over a secure branch within five feet of the drone. It was a long climb, but before long he had the drone strapped to his harness and was coming back down.
drone rescue descent


Here is the drone, officially rescued and ready to be reunited with its owner. Who else to call but an arborist?Drone is rescued

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