Honey Bee Hive Rescue

Ashfield, MA

As a bee keeper myself, I was not surprised by the odd call I received. Sitting in my office after a day at work, I got an unexpected call from a prospective client. Her honey bees had “swarmed” and she needed immediate help or they would be lost forever. Honey bees often swarm unpredictably when they feel too crowded, leaving their hive temporarily before going off and looking for a new place to live. If they were not given a new home ASAP she would lose them and all her hard work. More than happy to get away from my office and computer, I grabbed my climbing gear and off I went.


A rope has carefully set in an adjoining tree. A box to lower the bees into was placed at the tree’s base.Climbing tree to rescue swarmed honey bee hive.


The ascent was slow and hot. I could not jar the tree or limb at all for fear that the swarm would drop, as it was only a collection of bees on a branch. I also opted to wear a wintertime one-piece Carhartt “arctic weight” suit to save me if the bees turned on me. See swarm to my upper right.
Climbing the tree to rescue the hive.


Success! The limb was cut and lowered into the awaiting box while the client tucked them into their new home.Honey bees returned to home.

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