Storm Damage Restoration Pruning

Goshen, MA

This mature paper birch tree was severely damaged in the December ’08 ice storm. The client, understandably distraught, wondered if the tree could be saved. Jim McSweeney explained to them that, while the damage was significant, the overall percentage of crown loss was not so great that the tree needed to be cut down. Which branches broke off, and where and how, was evaluated. By making careful cuts, it was assumed that, from an aesthetics perspective, the pleasing shape of the tree would be restored. The client was pleased with the outcome and we will continue to monitor this tree in the future.


Before: This photo was taken the day after the ice storm.


After: This photo was taken just after the restoration was complete.


Jim McSweeney, a certified arborist and horticulturist and Hilltown Tree and Gardens owner operator, evaluates how to make the next cut.Arborist Branch Prune Tree Birch


Jim McSweeney making the cut.Prune Arborist Tree Organic Tree Damaged

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