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Tree Removals

Tree Removal Branch Limb House


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While they prefer to use their expertise in saving trees there are often instances where this is not feasible. Maybe a tree is over mature and in a state of decline, or has suffered construction related damage to a previous building project or maybe has grow to a point where it blocks sun for the house and garden. Whatever the reason they have the ability to remove most trees in most situations with no damage to the surrounding landscape.

This is the removal of a mature black walnut in Williamsburg MA. The tree needed to be removed because it had, over the years, developed multiple cavities in the truck making it a hazard to the surrounding houses. Also the homeowner was a guitar maker who planned to use the wood for his guitars. The site was a complex one with two houses, a new picket fence, lilacs, lawn and spring bulbs starting to come up. Virtually every branch had to be methodically lowered to prevent damaging the surrounding structures and landscape.


Large pieces of the trunk if not lowered would have created huge cavities in the soft spring lawn and garden beds. The new fence was also directly below the tree.

Lowering Tree Trunk Cutting House


Limb walking is an essential skill ever climber must have. This allows the arborist to get out to the tip to tie them off with a lowering rope thereby eliminating damage to the landscape and structures below.

Limb Walking Tree Removal Cutting


The last limbs of a tree are often the trickiest as tie in and lowering points become few.

Cutting Limb Over House Tree



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