Classic Mixed Border Garden

Shelburne Falls, MA

This classic mixed border garden in Shelburne Falls, Mass is beautiful and functional. It combines all the basic elements of an aesthetically pleasing, but practical and hardy, landscape design: stone, perennials, trees, shrubs, herbs, a barn, and a driveway.


This garden has it all: a mature sugar maple, a flowering hawthorn, native shrubs, perennial, and stone.Notice how the mature sugar maple tree works well above the hawthorne, shrubs, and perennial along the stone wall.


A close up reveals a variety of textures, shapes and shades of green. A barn is always a classic backdrop for any garden.Hawthorn and native Massachusetts perennials here give an interesting texture to the barn in the background.


As the plants spill over into the path, they become purposely interactive. This is not a garden or landscape to be experienced passively.The shrubbery and floral plantings here are designed to spill into the walkway, making it a more interactive garden.


This is the view of the tree, bushes, flowers, and shrubs from the top of the steps.The variety of plants used in this front yard provides a pleasant, natural privacy for this home.

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