Flagstone Patio, Steps, Wall, Path and Garden Design

Windsor, MA

Collaborating with the clients on the landscape design we came up with an esthetically pleasing and functional space. They wanted the area to be: beautiful, maintenance free, accessible for taking showers & washing vegetables in the sink. With these goals in mind we set to work on the design. After a few different options we settled for the size, shape and stone choice that can be seen in the photos below.


The space allows the client to: wash vegetables, shower, sit & access the house.  A tall order for a small space.Stone Steps Patio Landscape


The old steps were cemented & fallen down stones, that were neither safe nor attractive. We were able to use many of them into the patio. These steps do not take up to much usable space, while giving a gentle rise and generous room for the foot.Steps Stairs Patio Stone


A closer look at the fitting of stones. The clients preferred the more causal look to go with their personality and house. All stones were hand cut, rather then saw cut. Resulting in seams which have character rather then uniformity.Flagstone Stairs Shower SInk


The client was the builder of this wall, path & later installed the flowers seen on the photos edge. We designed the garden & installed the monolith in relation to the sun on the winter solstice.Patio Flagstone Stairs Shower Sink

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