Formal Walkway with Classic French Allee

Williamsburg, MA

This formal walkway landscape design and installation involved a range of features, such as vegetables, flowers, washed gravel, flowering trees, and perennials. Some of these gardens are in deep shade, while others are gardens planted to thrive in the full sun. The formal and casual elements formed a relationship throughout the property. The photos below explore the formal walkway.
This walkway displays a classic allee, which is an alley in a formal garden bordered by trees or bushes with a feature drawing the view at its end. Historically, this is inspired by the French model of the formal garden. Notice the statue at the end of the path as a visual element that draws the eye and the body. The threshold is fitted flagstone and the path is whitewashed gravel


Inspired by 18th century French formal garden design, the statue at the end of the walkway centers the experience of the landscape.


A deeper view into the allee with the shade provided by the cherry trees.
Pictured here, the French formal walkway is flanked by hydrangeas and cherry trees.


The view from the other direction with full effect of the afternoon sunlight.Another view of the French formal walkway installed by Hilltown Tree & Garden at a Williamsburg, MA home.

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