Goshen & Bluestone Entrance With Gardens

Amherst, MA

This project is multi-year project that has many elements: invasive species eradication, hardscaping, drainage, turf, perennial gardens, wildflower meadows, edible gardens, tree care. Future components will include retaining walls with a patio and possibly farm animals. The below description will focus only on the front walkway.

The client, new to the house, played a very interactive role in the design. The landscape had not been touched in over a decade and much of it was past the point of salvaging. Starting tabula rasa, we were able to create a landscape that reflect her personally and lifestyle.


The view from the front door. The linear qualities of the bluestone patio is juxtaposed with the natural curves of the Goshen Stone. This element is repeated in the landscape in multiple other locations. The gardens were also redone, trees pruned and turf installed.Goshen Stone and bluestone form the walkway.


The view of the front door from the parking area.
The walls and pergola create a sense of enclosure that separates the parking area from the front yard.
The view of the house from the driveway.


Hand cut Goshen Stones, many over 500 pounds, are fitted together on a deep gravel base.The new walkway curves to the front door .

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