Hilltown Country Garden Style

Ashfield, MA

This was a multi year landscape design installation project in Ashfield that had a number of issues to solve: Major drainage problems, no plants, compacted and stripped off soil, tree damage and a desire for a native wildflower meadow. The construction of the house was now just completed and the clients wanted the landscape installed. These portfolio pictures will only focus on the flower and shrub landscaping directly around the house. Plant repetition and large drifts is a key theme in this garden.


Before: A Goshen Stone walkway had been installed but the landscape was still bare.


After (1 Year Later): After many yards of compost and un-compacting the soil, it was time for plants. Annabelle hydrangeas shrubs can be seen in foreground, with catmint passing out of flower as a border plant. Grasses, coneflowers & black-eye-susans fill the background.


Before: A potential problem area: electric box, generator & water spigot to camouflage. But at the same time access is needed to them.


After (1 Year Later): Solution- stepping stones giving access to utilities. While low plants hide generator but still allow for air flow, vital for it proper function.


Before: Because the house was built on a steep hillside the soil was very thin and compacted during construction. Even weeds were not very successfully growing.


After (1 Year Later): Multiple varieties of coneflowers give season long color. Butterfly bushes, blazing star and yarrow can be seen in the mix. Along with the seed heads of the ornamental grasses in the back, the clients can look out there window in the winter and see plant that have winter interest.


Before: Again, not even the weeds are prospering. Foot traffic to the deck is starting to wear down the weeds.


After (1 Year Later): A pergola was built which trumpet creeper vines have been planted on to grow up and give shade. A stepping stone walkway was installed for access and ascetics.


Before: How to beautify this sitting area?


After (1 Year Later): Like this!


Before: The back yard is mainly a utilitarian area. But i felt it could be attractive also.


After (1 Year Later): All the same items are still there; bulkhead, woodpile, trash can…just now artfully hidden from view.

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