Patio & Perennials

Chesterfield, MA

The clients were looking for a sitting area that would fit four people but in general be used by two people with Adirondack chairs. A 12 x 12 foot patio made of Goshen Stone was decided on. Colorful low maintenance perennials like coneflower, russian sage, salvia, catmint and fall asters to name a few were used. The perennials were chosen for their long bloom time, low maintenance requirements, and general beauty. The perennials encircle the bed giving the clients 360 degrees of pleasure to look at. This project had other garden beds constructed but the pictures below will only focus on one garden bed and the patio.


Before: The site before the patio was a mix of turf and an old perennial bed. This photo shows the site during the process of excavating for the gravel foundation.


After (1 Week Later): The patio and garden installed.


Goshen Stone was chosen because of its beauty, durability and relative ease of working.Patio Mulch Plants Perennials House


The super tight joints and angular lines are a result of the stone being cut by a wet saw. Hand cut stones are more likely to have more rounded edges and larger gaps at the joints.Patio Land Grass Perennials

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