Patio, Stairs & Walls

Northampton, MA

The clients were looking to install an outdoor living space in their landscape. The above ground pool was recently removed from an area that was conductive for our project because of it size, soil and orientation. We removed the pool deck, re-graded the area, created an upper terrace for perennials, put down a gravel foundation and built the patio, stairs and walls. The clients, avid gardeners, will themselves plant a mix of native, drought tolerant and low maintenance perennial. Four Flowering Dogwoods will also be planted on the south side to provide shade. We produced a design and planting plan for the clients which they will implement under our guidance.


Before: This was how the site looked when we arrived to consult with the Truncellitos. They just considered the area and eyesore and never had though that it could be used as a positive asset to the landscape.


After (3 Months Later): The area, yet unplanted, is a good example of finding a problematic part of the landscape and turning it into an asset. The patio, 240 sq. feet, is the optimal size for there lifestyle. They wanted it to fit a table that seats 5, a barbecue grill, and 2 end tables while not feeling either crowded or to vast.


The old deck has been removed and the re-grading has started.Dirt Soil Gravel Stone


The top soil is excavated then forms are built to hold in the 1 foot of ¾” stone used for the foundation.Foundation Gravel Goshen Stone Mason


From a logistical standpoint it made sense to build the walls first, then the stairs, and the patio last.Walls Stone Patio Goshen Stairs Path


Finding the correct next piece of flagstone is both an art and science.
At an average stone weight of 275 pounds, choosing the wrong piece can be a time consuming mistake.Patio Masonry Walls Design Sitting Area


Stairs can be one of the most time consuming part of the project. To get them tight, square, and level requires expertise and patience.Stairs Stone Steps Goshen Built


The stairs and walls are built. Now time to finish the patio.Walls Stairs Goshen Patio flagstone


Success! The clients are most pleased with their functional and aesthetically pleasing sitting area just outside their kitchen window.Patio Perennial Gardens Design Trees Flowers

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