Trees, Stone Patio, Perennial Gardens and Wildflower Meadow

Northampton, (Florence) MA

This project was done for clients in Northampton MA. The meadow & gardens was part of a much larger job that included: storm restoring work on mature oaks, Goshen Stone patio, planting trees, invasive species eradication, etc.. The stone walkway was done by another contractor. This project took 2 seasons to complete and the clients have maintained the landscape ever since.


(3 Months after installation) The Goshen stone path leads up to the house. It is flanked by Japanese maples, river birch, crabapples and flowering perennials and shrubs.Goshen stone walkway leads to house through gardens.


Planted under the trees are shade tolerant perennials that will flower for months.Flowering perennials and trees lead up to house.


Red roses, red astilbe & blue catmint in flower.Red roses, astilbe & catmint in flower.


(2 months after install) The wildflower meadow in late July.A sea of black-eye-susan in late July.


The Goshen stone patio sits in a sea of wildflowers.  A path takes you from the house to the patio to watch the sun set.Goshen stone patio sits in wildflower meadow.


Purple coneflowers can be used for medicine, to benefit the bees or just enjoyed.Flowering coneflower & tall grasses flank the house.

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