Creating new roads for new beginnings

Chesterfield, MA

Our headquarters is located in a rural area of Chesterfield, Massachusetts. It is on a large parcel of land that was heavily wooded at its time of purchase by our founder, and president Jim McSweeney. Over the decades, his family has sustainably harvested timber and used it for many projects throughout the property. There are many logging roads around the perimeter of the land, and one in particular he has wanted to improve for a future project for many years.

With our skid steer, and diamond mowers brush cutter attachment, this goal was now easily attainable.


With a 6 foot cutting width, and a 10″ cutting capacity, our brush cutter is the perfect tool for brush-hogging fields, cutting overgrowth and invasive species, and general land reclamation. Three passes up and down the overgrown logging road was plenty to allow adequate room for a pickup truck to comfortably navigate.


This road we recreated scales a ridge top and plateaus to a flat area, where we cut dead wood and hazard trees to allow filtered shade and sun areas for our future nursery area. Using our skid steer trailering attachment, we are able to easily maneuver our Bandit Industries Chipper, capable of recycling 12″ logs into wood chips.


The ultimate goal was to open up a clearing area to begin a woodland plants nursery, allowing us to cultivate and grow some of our own favorite plantings to provide to our clients. This will improve our sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint, eliminating miles and costs we would incur buying these plants from a third party.


The new road turned out exactly like we were envisioning, it is plenty wide for us to get any vehicle safely up and down, and is a perfect new area that will allow us to more efficiently serve our customers. If you are interested in a woodscaping, or land reclamation project for your property contact us HERE.




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