Reclaiming the Side of the Driveway from Invasives

Amherst, MA

The part of Amherst, where Atkins Farms Country Market is located, is a really cool and beautiful area of this diverse town. One of our longtime garden maintenance clients has us reclaim her wood-line along her fields and forest edges on a regular schedule to battle invasive species. We have the tools necessary to mow and chip overgrowth into oblivion, leaving a mulched cleared area that you may turn into a wildflower meadow, or even a whole new garden area!

Our Kubota Excavator with a flail-mower attachment leaves bittersweet and grape vines shaking in their boots before their ultimate demise.


The thick brush and invasive vines taking over this beautiful wooded wetland were no match for us. See before/after!


Some of this bittersweet was old growth, wreaking havoc and destroying trees for years.


We use our Kubota Skid-steer with Diamond mowing attachment as a fine-tooth mower to turn debris into wood chips, back-dragging and smoothing out divets. We cleared several acres of wood-line, extending the field and creating a wonderful view back into her forested lands instead of into a mess of twisted vines and dying trees.


For a final task, Mark climbed & removed some terrible vines for our customer who works from home, and looked out the window every day just to see them swallow the forest more and more.

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