Invasive species and spring bulbs

Amherst, MA

The client was new to the house and the area. While the property was 20+ areas with potential views of the Holyoke Range and surrounding  hayfields it was hemmed in all all sides by invasive vines (bittersweet). These vines were killing the trees and blocking any views. This project included hardscaping (stonework), fruit and vegetable gardens, flower gardens, tree care & wildflower meadows. Jim is a MA Licensed Pesticide applicator who apples the principals of IVM (integrated vegetation management). IVM is a systematic integrated approach to managing vegetation using multiple sustainable techniques. It applies the right intervention method at the right place and the right time to control vegetation, using chemicals as a last resort.


Before: The site before was subsumed on all sides of the house with invasive species (bittersweet, multiflora rose, knotweed, etc..)


After: This was the spring after planting 5000 daffodils. The area has also been planted with hundreds of native shrubs, ferns and perennial for the wildlife.
(bittersweet, multiflora rose, knotweed, etc..)


The view of the hayfield now visible.
(bittersweet, multiflora rose, knotweed, etc..)

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