Invasive Species (J.Knotweed) Eradication

Amherst, MA

Japanese knotweed is one of the hardest invasive plants to eradicate. Jim is a MA Licensed Pesticide applicator who apples the principals of IVM (integrated vegetation management). IVM is a systematic integrated approach to managing vegetation using multiple techniques. It applies the right intervention method at the right place and the right time to control vegetation, using chemicals as a last resort.


When I first arrived to the site it was 10,000+ square feet of Japanese knotweed. It took 2 years with a multi-pronged attack, but it was eliminated.Japanese Knotweed before removal.


finally we had it back to this…
The area before planting.


This was the year after planting. Goshen stone paths, retaining walls with a sitting area, flowering perennials, trees and shrubs all fill the space quickly.
Goshen Stone Flowers Garden


Redbuds, dogwoods and crabapples in mid-spring bloom.
Goshen Stone Flowers Trees Path


The sweet woodruff ground cover has snakeroot interplanted. While the Japanese maple will provide shade on sunny days.Goshen Stone Flowers Trees Path


A quiet place for reflection.
Goshen Stone Flowers Trees Path

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