Hilltown Perennial Bed Reconstruction and Historic Apple Tree Restoration

Chesterfield, MA

This landscape design project had two components: evaluate and restore historic old apple trees and other mature trees on the property and redo multiple perennial gardens on the property. The garden featured was overgrown with weeds and was overly difficult to maintain. Jim came over to consult with the client and suggested that all the plants in the gardens should be removed. The soil should be improved with compost and organic fertilizer and problematic plants should be discarded (invasive or high-maintenance plants). Then the desirable plants should be divided, re-installed and mulched. One year later, the garden is robustly established, more beautiful and easier to maintain.


The old stone wall is an important component to this garden. Hardscaping feature like this should be accented not hidden. In bloom is lupine, iris, coral bells, and lambs ears. Later in the season these blooms will be replace by goatsbeard, butterfly bush, coneflower, native tall grasses and other summer and fall blooming perennials.Stone Wall Native Plants Perennials Flowers Trees


The deciduous trees and the stonewall give any garden a great backdrop. These two elements help to make a perennial garden feel appropriate in the space.Native Perennial Organic garden Mulch Trees


Clematis in bloom.Flower Fence Garden Organic native Plants


The native lupine and columbine make a great early summer combo in the perennial garden.Columbine Lupine Native plants Garden

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