Perennials, Trees and Shrubs with Stone Hardscape

Ashfield, MA

These gardens were designed and installed by the owner, a nationally recognized and respected landscape architect. We have maintained the perennial gardens, trees, and shrubs for six years. Working with the owner, we are constantly expanding and refining the landscape. Proper plant selection and placement have truly created four seasons of interest. We also have contributed to the site’s hardscape, which refers to brick or stone features within landscaping in the shape of patios, sidewalks, or retaining walls.


This is a view of a shade garden under an oak and beech tree.
The client loved to use course and fine textured plants together.Ferns and hostas in a shade garden under beech and oak tree.


This pergola takes you from the home / office to the house.
You proceed down a shaded path flanked by woodland wildflowers.View through the pergola down the stone path.


This paper birch is ringed by hostas, making it a focal point at a path juncture.
Shade garden of hostas under paper birch tree.


This shade garden has a canopy of lilacs, river and paper birch, and a fir tree.
The understory consists of hostas, ferns, and woodland phlox in bloom.
Organic shade garden with woodland wildflowers and trees.


Stone is a reoccurring element in this landscape.
Its repetition gives the overall feel of a landscape that will stand the test of time.
A curving stone wall and perennial gardens.


The arctic poppy was let to sow itself in the bluestone patio.A blue stone patio and self-sowed arctic poppies.

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