Low Maintenance Perennial Gardens

Conway, MA

When we first arrived at this property eight years ago, there was a garden on this site that was filled with weeds and invasive species. It was problematic to maintain and lacked interest. Over the years, we have completely converted and redesigned this and other gardens on the property. Our landscaping and horticultural targets were to increase and magnify the floral beauty of the site and to decrease the amount of maintenance demanded by the homeowner.


Now that the garden has been redesigned, it is easier to maintain.
The hot dry slope is an ideal spot for herbs and low-growing rock garden plants.
Full Sun Garden Flowers


Planting the perennial en masse creates striking drifts.
Notice how the soft colors of the flowers complement one another.
Garden Flowers Herbs Landscaper


Architecture can be used to accentuate the plantings.
Drifts Flowers Landscape Designer


Stone can be used in almost any garden – here an old stone wall merges with a perennial and herb garden.
Rock Garden Sun Herbs Stonewall

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