Hilltown Tree & Garden’s Home/Office Wildflower Meadow

Chesterfield, MA

This wildflower meadow was planted as a part of a two-year sustainable land-use project in which we harvested pine trees, had them sawn using a portable saw mill, and then planted a wildflower meadow in the half-acre where the trees had been harvested. To read more about the entire project, click here. This mix of wildflowers was selected as food for the honeybees Jim keeps, and it supports a diverse array of other wildlife as well.


What started out as a stand of mature pines has become a colorful and floriferous meadow teeming with life.



The meadow transforms as the season progresses.“meadow"


Each meadow is a dynamic mix of species and will morph visually from year to year.“"


A good mix of colors is what we’re aiming for.“meadow."

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