Native Wildflower & Tall Grass Meadow

Conway, MA

This project, like most they do, was multi-faceted. The master plan envisioned a micro-permaculture landscape where medicines & food for people & animals will abound. This project had a: master plan, trees to care for, raised vegetable gardens, perennial gardens, medical/herb gardens & a Goshen Stone landing to install. Jim, worked with the client over a multiple month period collaborating with her on all aspects of the project. A large part of the project’s success can be attributed, as is normally the case, to this methodical collaboration between Jim & the client. The below photos will only focus on the raised vegetable beds & the wildflower meadow. All photos were taken only 3 months after the meadows and gardens installation.


The medical echinacea, a.k.a. coneflower, catching the morning light. With a long bloom time, low maintenance requirements & drought tolerance this plant has become the backbone of their meadows.Cone Flower Echinacea Wildflower Meadow


The house appears to float in a sea of coneflowers, black-eye-susans & a mix of tall grasses.Wildflower Meadow Grasses Gardens Landscape


The sun rises on the meadow and the raised vegetable garden beds. Quite a place to start the day.Vegetable Garden Beds Wildflower Meadow


A close up of the raised vegetable garden beds. Raised bed specs: 15′ in length, 4′ wide, & 8″ deep made of 1″ x 8″ rot resistant locust wood. The surrounding path is 3′ wide, is covered w/ landscape fabric which is under 6″ of wood chips. Putting the vegetable garden in the midst of a meadow will bring some well needed pollinators and other beneficial insects to the garden.Raised Vegetable Garden Beds Meadow


The client likes to enjoy a cup of tea in the morning watching the sun come up over the meadow and herb gardens. Ornamental grasses frame in the view down to the meadow. Vines planted on the post will further frame in the morning view. Deer regularly bed down and humming birds can frequently be seen.Ornamental Grasses Wildflowers Vegetable Gardens

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